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Press Release:  August 15th, 2018: Having reached over 1600 homes, Harold Grinspoon Charitable Foundation
committed to another year of ener-G-save

PRESS RELEASE, August, 2018: Ener-G-save, a project funded by the Harold Grinspoon Charitable Foundation is
entering its second year of community outreach to assist homeowners in Pioneer Valley
in taking advantage of generous utility programs for energy efficiency.
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Article: Greenfield Recorder, February 2018

Learning about savings through an energy audit:

Every home is unique, that is why making use of no-cost energy audits is such a good idea: an expert will visit your home and help you discover ways to save on your utility bills. (read more)

Article: Mass Live, Sept 7th,2017:

Were Thermal Images taken of your Springfield House?

Local officials and organizations, in conjunction with an effort to sharply reduce greenhouse gas emissions, urged residents on Wednesday to take advantage of free home energy audits and financial aid to make their homes more energy efficient. (read more)

Article: Greenfield Recorder, Sept 2nd,2017:

Ener-G-Save encouraging home energy audits

If you’ve been holding out on getting a free energy audit of your home, maybe it will help to get a free thermal image that was taken last spring showing how heat has been escaping. (read more)


Op Ed: Sept 2017: Ready for Winter?

Feeling the chill in the air? Putting away the lawn furniture? Is your home ready for winter?

As the days get shorter, we might find ourselves thinking about the coming cold months, dreading that drafty bathroom, worrying about high energy bills, and wondering what all that energy usage is doing to the planet. We know we should do something like get an energy audit, but we also have to get the kids new school shoes, put the kiddie pool away, and get the snow blower into the repair shop. Before we know it, autumn leaves will have turned into winter snow. Yikes.

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Press Release:  April, 2017: Harold Grinspoon Charitable Foundation Energy LLC initiates energy efficiency pilot program in the Pioneer Valley

PRESS RELEASE, April, 2017: The newly founded Harold Grinspoon Charitable Foundation Energy LLC just completed thermo-imaging 100,000 single family homes in the Pioneer Valley.
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