Our Team

The ener-G-save project is a new undertaking and adventure for founder Harold Grinspoon and for all of us on the team. Aside from a passion for energy efficiency and concern about climate change, none of us started this pilot project as experts in the field. We all bring different backgrounds and strengths to our team and have been very fortunate to learn so much in such a short time. We collaborate on most aspects of the project.

Uli Nagel

Uli’s professional background is varied. She is a professional Pilates instructor, and worked managing and marketing retreats, a spiritual magazine, and her successful Pilates studio. Harold Grinspoon and Uli discovered their interest in climate change around the same time and developed ener-G-save as their first project in this area together. Uli works as project manager of ener-G-save, as a town liaison and writer. She is also researching new ways of financing energy efficiency and works on developing the long-term possibilities for Harold Grinspoon’s involvement in climate change.

Uli has been a climate activist with the Citizen’s Climate Lobby, the Massachusetts Climate Action Network, the Lee Greener Gateway Committee, and Living the Change Berkshires, an organization she co-founded, which has produced a number of community events bringing greater awareness to climate change.

Aside from climate change, Uli has been interested and taken trainings in organizational and team development. For her, this pilot is as much a laboratory about how to create a healthy, creative and productive team as it is about making a small contribution towards curbing carbon emissions.

Susan Olshuff

Susan mainly serves ener-G-save as a town liaison and researcher and helps develop strategy and operations. Her interest in climate change began in 1997 when she worked with a nonprofit that brought solar energy to developing countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. Since that time, she has pursued this passion working with groups on topics from eco-villages, to product lifecycle responsibility, to greening national presidential conventions, to protecting San Francisco Bay. She served on the Lenox, MA environmental committee to bring “Green Community” status, a “Solarize” program, and a town-wide energy audit program to the town. Susan was trained by Al Gore and presented “An Inconvenient Truth” to dozens of groups in Berkshire County. She attended the COP 15 climate change conference in Copenhagen in 2009 as a private citizen, blogging for her local paper.

Professionally, Susan has been a fundraiser for many nonprofit organizations, including environmental, educational, and social action groups. She has a long-time interest in spiritual pursuits, committed to living with a perspective that can hold complexity during our challenging times. Her organizational skills were honed as she served as a field organizer for Western Mass during the 2011 presidential campaign season, and she even got to meet President Obama.

Robert Voss, Ph.D.

Bob Voss, PhD, is a senior consultant with Growth River, an organizational development consulting firm. He works with nonprofit leaders to help them resolve a common constraint to leader, team, and business performance: developing the capability of leaders and teams to navigate disruptive change. He helps organizations and their leaders develop the skills for identifying and addressing critical issues that stand in the way of a high level of shared vision, purpose, and results-driven performance. With a proven ability to resolve diverse management challenges, he has unusual—and considerable—skills at helping leaders navigate the ‘tough people issues’ at the heart of creating the conditions for sustained success.

Bob joined the ener-G-team to serve as Business Manager and to assist in the work ener-G-save is doing with each of the participating towns to develop strategies for inspiring and motivating homeowners to take significant steps for making their homes more energy efficient.

Although Bob has no experience working in the energy efficiency domain, he came of age during the birth of the environmental movement in the ‘70’s and developed a passion and concern for preserving our environment that resulted in him earning a PhD in Insect Ecology at UMass Amherst, with his research focus being on ecological pest management. He is thrilled to be able to bring his life skills and desire to contribute to the creation of a sustainable way of living to the work of the ener-G-save team.

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