If you are a homeowner in the Pioneer Valley and would like to learn how YOU can have a free energy assessment:

Benefits to YOU:

  • Save money while saving energy
  • Be more comfortable and healthy in your own home
  • Feel good about knowing you are doing your share for the planet and all of our wellbeing

Wondering about costs?

The energy assessment is FREE. Really. Actually, you have been paying a small amount into it every time you pay your utility bill, so this assessment is yours for the taking.

Here’s what you’ll get for free:

  • LED light bulbs (which by themselves will save you on your electric bill)
  • An energy efficient power strip
  • A programmable thermostat
  • A low flow shower head
  • FREE air sealing around windows and doors in drafty areas of your home
  • A full walk-through and study of your home’s efficiency

Here’s what the utility companies are offering you:

  • 75% or sometimes more of the cost of putting in more insulation
  • Rebates/discounts on efficient heating, cooling, and water heating units
  • Opportunity to apply for 0 percent HEAT Loan financing for eligible upgrades

And there are many more opportunities to save. Contact us!