ener-G-save for the Future

Making a difference in Pioneer Valley Schools: A call to teachers


Do you have creative ideas for educating the next generation about energy efficiency? We can help you fund a compelling class! Design a project (see samples here). Submit your proposal to ener-G-save for the Future. Your project can be part of your required curriculum or be part of an after-school or faith-based program. What would you teach your students if you had funds for a special field trip, a thermal camera, or a watt meter. Let your imagination guide you!

Who can participate:

ener-G-save for the Future is a program for teachers and their students in Pioneer Valley. For this pilot project, ener-G-save will choose 25 participants from all submitted applications. Programs can be for classrooms from elementary school through high school, for after-school programs or faith-based programs. Programs will be chosen based on impactful focus on energy efficiency, convincing justification for budget, experiential learning, and completeness of application.

Benefits of Participation

Learning about energy efficiency can be fun, engaging, and unforgettable. As a teacher, you likely have ideas of creative projects you could teach that would make a lasting impression in your students’ minds of the importance of saving energy. ener-G-save for the Future will help provide funding for 25 such projects in this pilot program to enable teachers to enrich their classroom activities. Any materials provided for this project that are not consumed will remain with the classroom to serve future students.

Schedule for Participation

January 5, 2018 – Deadline for applications to be sent to Education@ener-g-save.com

January 15, 2018 – Notification of acceptance

January 20 – Feb. 20, 2018 – On-line crowdfunding campaign

March 1, 2018 – Announcement to teachers of amount of funding they will receive

March 10, 2018 – Submission of receipts to ener-G-save for the Future for reimbursement with payment March 20, 2018.

April, May, June, 201 – Implementation of projects, with report submitted at completion


How the fundraising works

ener-G-save for the Future will prepare a web page for each chosen project on the crowdfunding site www.PledgeCents.com. (More info hereEach page will fully describe the project and amount needed. Each teacher will receive a link for her/his page to share broadly with families and community members for a period of one month. The Harold Grinspoon Foundation will match up to $200 for each project. ener-G-save for the Future will also have a page describing the entire program and will promote the crowdfunding to a broad network of people who care about energy efficiency. Teachers will receive 97% of the funds raised. (3% goes towards credit card processing.) PledgeCents.com has 0% platform fees.

How to apply

Your proposal must be submitted by Jan.5, 2018, and include:

  • Teacher’s name, school, contact information
  • Grade level and number of students served
  • Aspects of energy efficiency to be learned
  • Academic content area
  • Time to be spent on project
  • Description of project, activities, supplies needed, intended results
  • Budget of items to be purchased
  • Willingness to submit simple report when project completed, with photos

Send a simple letter, covering all these aspects, to Education@ener-g-save.com. You will be informed by January 15 if your project will be included in this pilot project.