Welcome to ener-G-save. We are here to help Pioneer Valley homeowners cut energy loss and make their homes more comfortable and affordable. We also help them learn about ways to pay for it! Find out how you can save! Call 413-279-9141 or CLICK HERE!

What is ener-G-save?

ener-G-save is a philanthropically funded energy efficiency pilot project in the Pioneer Valley. It is the brainchild of Harold Grinspoon, a Springfield philanthropist who for more than 2 decades has supported varied educational initiatives, young entrepreneurs, and regional farmers. More on Harold Grinspoon and his work here.

ener-G-save sees local energy conservation projects as an important lever to help people spend less on utilities, creating local jobs, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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For Homeowners

If you are a homeowner in the Pioneer Valley and would like to learn how YOU can have a free energy assessment:

  • Call ener-G-save’s hotline at 413-279-9141 or

Benefits to YOU:

  • Save money while saving energy
  • Be more comfortable in your own home
  • Feel good about knowing you are doing your share for the planet

Wondering about costs?

  • The energy assessment is FREE. Really. Actually, you have been paying a small amount every time you pay your utility bill, so this assessment is yours for the taking.
  • Here’s what you’ll get for free:
    • LED lightbulbs (which by themselves will save you on your electric bill)
    • An energy efficient power strip
    • A programmable thermostat
    • A low flow shower head
    • FREE air sealing around windows and doors in drafty areas of your home
    • A full walk-through and study of your home’s efficiency
  • Here’s what the utility companies are offering you:
    • 75% or sometimes more of the cost of putting in more insulation
    • Rebates/discounts on efficient heating, cooling, and water heating units
    • Opportunity to apply for 0 percent HEAT Loan financing for eligible upgrades.


And there are many more opportunities to save. Contact us!


Participating Towns

Pioneer Valley Participating Ener-G-Save Towns
Pioneer Valley Participating Towns

The following Pioneer Valley towns are participants in the ener-G-save pilot project.

  1. Agawam
  2. Amherst
  3. Belchertown
  4. Chicopee
  5. Deerfield
  6. Greenfield
  7. Holyoke
  8. Longmeadow
  9. Northampton
  10. Springfield
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We have compiled answers to several frequently asked questions, taken from town hall meetings in the Pioneer Valley. You can browse these questions and answers here, and also contact us here if you have more questions to ask.

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Contact Us

Thanks for your interest in ener-G-save! Here, you can

  • learn about receiving a free in-home energy assessment and get financial help to make changes
  • find a contractor who can do the work that makes sense for you.
  • learn about other possibilities to save energy or use more renewable energy

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