Frequently Asked Questions

Which 10 towns are participating in the ener-G-save project?

Agawam, Amherst, Belchertown, Chicopee, Deerfield, Greenfield, Holyoke, Longmeadow, Northampton, and Springfield.  View Pioneer Valley Map

Will you extend the program to other towns beyond the 10 mentioned here?

This program is a pilot project. After the pilot is completed, we will decide whether to extend the program to other towns.

Is taxpayer money being spent on the ener-G-save project

This ener-G-save pilot project is financed entirely by the Harold Grinspoon Charitable Foundation Energy, LLC. Some towns in the project area have employees on staff whose job responsibilities include energy conservation and town planning. ener-G-save is working with these officials to help them meet the energy efficiency and other goals for their towns.

My budget is tight. I’m afraid I can’t afford to make improvements on my home. Can you help?

Yes, depending on where you live, we can point you toward free services, incentives, rebates and interest-free loans that are available from town or state programs and/or your local utility to help finance energy efficiency measures in your home.

I live in one of the participating towns but haven’t received a thermal report for my home. Can I still get one for my house?

The scope of this pilot project is limited to providing thermal reports to those homes that could most benefit from making energy efficiency upgrades. If you did not receive a report it simply means that your home didn’t fall within the limited scope of this project.

Or, in some cases, if there was not a clear line of sight of a house, it was not possible to produce an accurate image for the house, in which case a report was not generated for that house.

You’re only taking pictures of the front of my house. What about the back?

Research indicates that taking thermal images of three sides of a home typically reveals energy patterns for the entire home so that the data collected in the scanning process can be extrapolated to the back of the house.

Who mails the reports to home owners?

The reports will be mailed by HGCF Energy, LLC and show ener-G-save as the return address.

My home has a large setback. Can you still get a reliable thermal image?

It depends on how far away your home is from the street. As you get further away (beyond 100 feet), it becomes more difficult to identify specific areas of heat loss, so the data analysts typically look at similarly-structured homes in the same neighborhood to supplement the data collected for your home to provide a more accurate estimate of the energy patterns for your home.

I live in a multi-family apartment. Can I participate in the program?

For this pilot project, the program is only being conducted for single-family homes.

I’m a commercial building owner in one of the Pioneer Valley towns this program covers. Is my building eligible for the program?

For this pilot project, the program is only being conducted for single-family homes.

I’m an employee of one of the 10 towns. Can our Town Hall or other municipal building be imaged and retrofitted through this program?

For this pilot project, the program is only being conducted for single-family homes.

What about privacy? I’m not sure I like knowing someone’s photographing my house or my family.

The IR camera used to capture the thermal images can only “see” heat as it radiates off an object. It cannot see into a home or through glass windows, nor can it capture facial features or license plate numbers. Thus, these images, similar to the street view images that Google captures, are not an invasion of your privacy.

Who will see these images of my house, and who will have access to the energy information about my house?

In most cases, you are the only one to see the image of your home until you choose to share it with a consulting contractor. In some towns, we are working with the sustainability or energy officer who will have access to all of the images for that town via a web portal.

I don’t want to participate. How can I opt out of this program?

The thermal image scanning has already been completed. However, if your home was scanned and you do not want to receive the thermal report for your home, you can simply discard the envelope, without any consequences.

How do I know this isn’t just a big marketing gimmick for contractors that do energy audits and retrofitting?

Harold Grinspoon launched this pilot because he was inspired by the thermal imaging technology and its potential to inform and inspire homeowners to make changes that benefit them. While we do connect homeowners to contractors who specialize in energy retrofit services, our goal is to help you save energy and money on your utility bills—and to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions. Home energy use is responsible for 17% of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States, so reducing residential energy use will not only benefit your local contractor doing the work (and your wallet)—but the whole planet. It is truly a win-win-win-win, for homeowners, job creation, towns and the earth.

Will HGCF Energy, LLC provide metrics (before and after) to assess the efficacy of the program?

Our goal is to track the audits and retrofits that homeowners choose to implement as a result of the thermal reports they received. To know if the pilot project was successful and to what degree, we will ask homeowners about the changes to their homes envelope.

I’d like to be in touch with you. Is there a way I can reach you through this website?

Yes! click here