Welcome to ener-G-save’s Cooler Community Education program:

The Cooler Community Project is based on a successful program implemented in Concord, MA, in which a whole school district participated.

Schools receive grants for participating in the Cooler Community project, in which students of all ages research and create exhibits and materials on energy and energy efficiency within their curriculum requirements to be displayed at a district-wide event. Parents and other visitors to this fair, 1000 people in Concord’s case, are encouraged to pledge changes – large or small – that each could make towards living ‘energy smarter’. Civics, English, and art classes, contribute letters to the editor and elected representatives, as well as create posters and murals to enrich and publicize the event.

Aside from creating measurable energy savings for the participating town, the purpose of this program is to empower young people in preparing for the future of climate change and renewable energy and give them a taste of the difference they really can make in their community.

Ener-G-save is currently speaking with potential partners for this program in the Pioneer Valley and the Berkshires. If you are reading this and are interested in learning more or getting involved we would love to hear from you! Contact us at info.energsave@gmail.com.

Student- and/or teacher-led exhibits at the fair can include and are not limited to:

Science of Climate Change

  • ecology/ science of eco-systems
  • the science of climate change and human contributions
  • species protection/ impact on wildlife and bio-diversity 

Political / Civic

  • lobbying,
  • letters to the editor, press releases
  • economy

The science of energy, energy use and behavior

  • energy efficiency
  • heating
  • electricity
  • renewables
  • recycling


  • composting and food waste
  • carbon friendly diet and food preparation

Travel Choices

Climate Friendly Shopping

  • Plastic and Packaging
  • Buying less, re-use, re-purpose

Human Resilience

  • Community building
  • Communication Skills, Dialogue practice
  • Adaptability/ Preparedness